Approved Supplier Selection

Ensuring best-in-class suppliers are available for your requirements

The purpose of our supplier evaluation is to ensure a portfolio of best in class suppliers is available for use and forms part of our pre-qualification step within the cooperation process.

We collect supplier information using a five-step process for determining which to approve. Our processes often take the form of either an interview, sometimes even a site visit, and includes appraisals of various aspects of the supplier’s business including capacity, financials, quality assurance, organizational structure / processes and performance. Based on the information obtained via the evaluation, a supplier is scored and either approved or not approved as one from whom Aktrion Logistics procure services.

Our approved supplier list

Over the past years we have created the approved supplier list to which a qualified supplier is then added. If rejected the supplier is generally not made available to offer services. Once approved, a supplier is re evaluated on a periodic basis.

There are various benefits associated with our supplier evaluation process such as mitigation against poor supplier performance or performance failures. We source suppliers that provide high standards of service levels whilst offering sufficient capacity and business stability. Our internal supplier evaluation helps us and customers to remove hidden cost drivers in the supply chain. We strongly believe, that our process of evaluating performance motivates suppliers to improve their performance.

We make sure that evaluation of current suppliers goes beyond measurement to actual performance improvement by providing feedback to suppliers on their performance and working on continuous improvement opportunities.